Winter Sun Catcher

Winter Sun Catcher

Spring is right around the corner but Winter isn’t done with us yet! When you live in Pennsylvania you learn to keep your snow gear handy until at least April. While we’ve had our warm thoughts of Disney cruises and sandy beaches, we’ve certainly spent our fair share of time outside enjoying the crisp air and playing in the snow.

playing in the snow

We were recently inspired to try to make our own winter sun catchers after seeing beautiful images of the icy creations popping up on crafting/preschool blogs. It seemed like perfect timing as my beautiful bouquet of flowers were wilting away on the table. It was really a great way to use the flowers again instead of simply tossing them away.

DIY Winter Sun Catcher

My bouquet of flowers lasted about 2 weeks before they were on their way out. I brought the bouquet over to the sink and began picking out the flowers that looked like they had a little life left in them. There were also a couple semi-dried flowers that we’re beautiful that I decided to include as well.

I gently picked them off and laid the flowers on a plate for easy selection.


After gathering a few odds and end tupper-ware containers, I taped a small loop of ribbon to the inside of the containers at about water-level. This would allow for easy hanging.

winter sun catcher

flowers in ice

I then had my son, Ryan, come in and help me pour water into the containers. Then he went to town! He really had a lot of fun not only putting the flowers into the containers, but taking the time to take the flowers apart and look at the insides, exam and question; something otherwise we probably wouldn’t get to do!

ice sun catcher

winter sun catcher

We left them in the freezer overnight and the next day delivered them to Grandpa & Grandma’s house. They were a left out for about an hour. Because they were slightly melted, it made them super easy to remove from the containers.

The icy flowers looked absolutely beautiful hanging from the twiggy bare tree limbs.

There’s a good chance we’ll probably try this again. It would be fun to add a few pine cones or food food coloring. For us, it would work best to use natural fillers as Grandma and Grandpa have animals around. Although the red ribbon looked nice, we might even try a more natural hanging solution like a bent stem or vine.

winter sun catcher

winter sun catchers



  1. Heather H March 5, 2014 at 12:21 am

    Sara! This is so pretty! I never thought about creating something like this, especially this winter in the Burgh when I can’t remember the last time the sun shined…lol
    Heather H recently posted…New Mom Finds New Ways to OrganizeMy Profile

    • Sara March 5, 2014 at 3:08 am

      Thank you! We much prefer to be drawing with sidewalk chalk but this will have to do until the weather breaks :)

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