Rock Painting For Kids

Rock Painting For Kids

We’re Going A Rock Hunt

One of my son’s favorite pastimes is going rock hunting. While I see a small grey balls of dirt, his little eyes see something different; a dinosaur egg, a nugget of gold, a fossil. It’s amazing to watch him light up as he finds rocks treasures.

Somehow, someway he ALWAYS manages to sneak them inside . When we come in from outside, I feel like I have to put him through a Customs and Border Control routine… “Where were you at?” “How long were you there for?” “Do you have anything to claim?”

It’s not unusual to find small, random rocks in unexpected places around the house. Whether they’re buried in the carpet, hiding out in his pockets or disguised with the superheros… he manages to sneak them in.

Let’s Paint!

So now we have all these rocks… which leads into his second favorite pastime: rock painting. What does one do with a painted rock? Were finding they make great gifts for Grandma and Grandpa (grandparents always saving the day). Wrap some wire (or pipe cleaner) around it, put a holder on top and viola! Now we have a picture holder! I dunno… we’re still trying to figure something out.

Fun AND inexpensive… mom’s favorite. These are from our latest rock adventure.

Rock Painting Inspiration

A Little Rock Painting Inspiration

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