Plant Lesson Plans

Plant Lesson Plans

3 Preschool Plant Lesson Plans

Over the summer, Ryan and I worked on a series of lessons using beans and seeds to explore natural science and growth. Our plant topic was covered for week and the following were three of his favorites out of all the plant lesson plans we worked on.

1.) Art & Fine Motor


  • Demonstrate proper use of liquid glue
  • Develop fine motor skills through tracing preset shapes


  • Bean Soup Mix (dry)
  • Liquid Glue
  • Card stock paper

Lesson Plan

  • Write the child’d name on a piece of card stock paper; large letters, all caps, about an inch and a half tall.
  • Allowed them to trace a letter, one at a time, with the liquid glue.
  • With a pile of beans in front of them, allow them to pick and choose what pattern they want to follow.
  • Continue until all the letter are complete.

ryan bean


2.) Math: Graphing


  • Differentiate between sizes, shapes and colors to sort and group
  • Create bar and pinto graphs from data in tables and charts


  • Bean Soup Mix (dry)
  • Liquid Glue
  • Card stock paper
  • Markers

Lesson Plan


bean soup mix

bean graph


3.) Science

“Inside a Seed” Lesson Plan from A to Z Teacher Stuff

Students will look inside seeds to discover the beginning of a plant, and will discuss elements that plants need to grow.


  • Students will look inside a seed to discover the beginning of a plant
  • Students will discuss elements that are important for plants to grow – air, water, food


  • lima beans; soak in water overnight
  • magnifying glasses
  • illustration of lima bean with baby plant inside
  • divide children into cooperative groups, if desired
  • Part 2 – ziploc bags, wet paper towels

Lesson Plan:


How does a plant begin? Ask students for thoughts and predictions. How does a seed turn into a plant? Tell them that scientists make predictions and study things to find answers to their questions. Today you are going to be a scientist.


Give each student a seed, lima bean, that has been soaked in water so it is easier to open. Show them how to open the seeds carefully. (They fall apart, so you must be gentle!) Ask students to see if they can find out how a seed turns into a plant. After looking on their own, have them help friends find out why. Have them talk about it with their groups as they look. Make sure every child sees a baby plant.


Come back to the carpet and have students discuss their conclusions. Show the illustration of the parts of a seed including the baby plant, seed coat, and plant food.

Extending the Activity:

Now that we know where a plant begins, can it grow where we left it? What does it need to grow? What are some things that you need to grow? Water, food, sunlight – we don’t know for sure, so we are going to be scientists again to find the answer to our questions.

Put beans in ziploc bags to test the following conditions:

  • no water (no wet paper towel)
  • no light (cover in black, put in closet)
  • no food (take seed apart–baby plant w/o bean)
  • optional: no air (close ziploc bag)

Check bags periodically to see what happens and discuss results.

lima beans in a baglima beans in a baglima beans in a bag

lima bean science experiment

plant lesson plan


  1. Nadine August 26, 2013 at 11:00 am

    This is so great! I love the ideas you have for preschoolers :)

    • Sara August 26, 2013 at 11:37 am

      Thank you Nadine!

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