Custom Kiddie Tote Bag

Custom Kiddie Tote Bag

The Game We Play

It’s a constant struggle every time we leave the house. My son likes to play this game called “Did you grab my…?” The rules? It’s easy:

The mom diligently parades around for at least 30 minutes getting herself and her son ready to leave the house. Once she and the child are (mostly) dressed, mom cohorts’ child down to the car and wrestles the car seat contraption to ensure safe journeys. Mom then grabs her purse (a.k.a. magical mom bag full of crayons, matchbox cars, snacks, etc.) and begins down the path to adventure (a.k.a. Let’s Test Mom’s Patience at the Grocery Store). When the vehicle is approximately 5 minutes away from the house, the son calls out, “Did you grab my…” …This is where it gets fun!

 While I’m a sucker for really fun games, I decided to change the rules a bit. See, I’d like to start teaching my son to be responsible for his own things. For him, this means if he wants to bring something along, he can put it in his designer, one of a kind piece of hand luggage we call his tote.


I found a plain blue, inexpensive cloth tote bag at Jo-Ann Fabrics in their summer supplies area. Simple enough. I  returned home and set up shop by laying down old newspaper, pulling out the fabric paint, and letting my son go to town.


Before You Start

If I had it to do over again? I would have put dollops of puffy paint on a paper plate and let my son paint them on with a brush (after the first large squirt of black was smeared around, there was nothing that could be made but a large mud pit). Glad to report, he absolutely loves it (and mom loves the idea of a child that can start taking responsibility for his own stuff!)

It’s Funny ‘Cause It’s True

Kid Tote

What kinds of responsibilities do you give your children? At what age?

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