Minion Halloween Bucket

Minion Halloween Bucket

Great for Halloween OR Storage!

After the success of Despicable Me 2 that was released this summer, we’re sure to see a lot of little minions walking around on Halloween!

In fact, one of the most popular Curious Little Kid posts thus far has been the homemade minion costume I made for my son, Ryan. You can check it out here

Whether your little one is going as a minion or something else, we have a great addition to any costume!!! The days of boring pillow case bags are over; give your child something a little more personalized.

Minion Bucket Step-by-Step

I “upcycled” a large bucket that I purchased from Wal-Mart. The cheese balls weren’t all that good, but the size worked perfectly!

Next, I spray painted the entire bucket in yellow Krylon Fusion spray paint in the color “Buttercream.”

krylon fusion

Empty creamer containers are oh-so-amazing for all kinds of wonderful crafts. This time we cut it in half and used a piece for the minion goggles. I wrapped it with silver sparkle paper.

Also, I cut out just the bottom, flipped it over, covered it with white felt and buttons and used it for a 3-dimensional eyeball look. I attached nylon rope around the bucket and used tacky glue to apply the “eyeball” and goggle over top.

nylon rope

For the arms, I used rolled pieces of yellow felt and sowed small black gloves. I attached them by making a small horizontal slit, sliding the felt through and poking two small holes to sew and secure the arms in place. This will assure maximum candy capacity ;)

I painted the overalls on with blue acrylic paint. Don’t forget the Gru symbol ;)


The feet were also cut out of black felt and attached with tacky glue.

For the handle, I also poked two small holes on either side of the bucket to sew on the handle. I also used the black nylon rope for that.

halloween minion

…And if you love the Minions and you haven’t seen this yet… YOU NEED TO! :) 

minion madness

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