F is for Frog & Fish

F is for Frog & Fish

Free Lesson Plan: “F is for Frog & Fish”

Use our free preschool lessons to make learning fun and exciting for preschoolers. Frogs and fish always have great kid appeal; it will be a subject they will most likely be naturally interested in!

Make sure you check back every Monday for new lesson plans. Next week  we’ll be working on the letter E (check it out!).

We’ve collected 20 inspiring ideas to incorporate into a preschool curriculum. As you can see, the number on the activity corresponds with a link below. Use the link to gain access to more details about the activity.

Letter F Lesson Plan

Fine Motor & Reading

#1. Letter “F” Words: Kids Learning Station

#2. 999 Tadpoles: Ken Kimura 

#3. I’m a Shark: Bob Shea

#4. The Rainbow Fish:  Marcus Pfister

#5. Five Little Fish: Cinjoella

Math & Science

#6. Frog Life Cycle: Teaching Resource Center

#7. Frog Game: Arts & Crofts

#8. Lily Pad Math: No Time For Flash Cards

#9. Fishing for Shapes: Little Family Fun

#10. Bubble Fish: Little Page Turners


#11. Paper Plate Frog: Little Letter Company

#12. Egg Carton Frog: Stilumeu De Viata

#13. Bubble Wrap Fish: Coco 

#14. Rainbow Fish: Picture Calm

#15. Fish Hand Print

Gross Motor & Sensory

#16. Frog Life Cycle: Live and Play

#17. Leap Frog: Wiki How

#18. Pond Water Play: Blog Me Mom

#19. Lily Pad Leap: The Adventures of a Bear

#20. Sharks and Minnows: The Game Girl

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Letter E Lesson Plans

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