Handprint Groundhog Day Crafts

Handprint Groundhog Day Crafts

Groundhog Day is February 2nd!  If you’re looking for fun classroom/home crafts to do with preschool/toddler age children you need to give this one a try! Anything with handprints/footprints makes for the most precious crafts ever, in my opinion. Last year we made this super simple handprint/footprint Groundhog day craft when we were talking about the groundhog day tradition. It’s a great way to transition into talking about seasons and/or weather.

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Groundhog Day craft


  •  Googly eyes
  •  Washable Paint : Green, Brown, Blue
  •  White card stock paper
  •  White scrap paper


  1. Begin my painting the child’s foot brown and stamping it in the middle of the paper. If you don’t want to use paint, you can always trace their foot on brown construction paper and have them cut it out.
  2. Next, place green handprints on the bottom of the page for grass.
  3. Give each child a Groundhog Day Poem to cut out and glue on the paper.
  4. Attach googly eyes and have the child glue on small rectangles for teeth.

Groundhog Day Poem

Here’s a little groundhog furry and brown,

he is coming up to look around.

If he sees his shadow down he’ll go,

then six more weeks of Winter…


Happy crafting! 

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