Halloween Pen Flower Pot

Halloween Pen Flower Pot

The not-so-scary Halloween pen flower pot is perfect for the classroom or office. Plus, it will keep those pens or pencils from growing legs and walking off! :)

You’ll Need:

  1. Small Clap Pot
  2. Fake Flowers – We used ones that looked like mums. Sunflowers would work well, too.
  3. Green flower tape
  4. Bic Pens
  5. Acrylic Paint / Paint Brushes
  6. Garden Gems

halloween flower pen pit

Here’s How:

  • Cut the flowers, leaving about 3 inches of stem
  • Start at the top of the pen and begin wrapping the pen and flower together.
  • We did two passes over the pen with the green flower tape,.
  • Even though the flower tape is sticky, we glued the end in place at the top (just to be safe).
  • Use acrylic paint to decorate the clay pot however you desire.
  • When everything is dry, place the garden gems in the pot to hold pens in place.

pen flower pot

flower pen pot

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