Egg Carton Flowers

Egg Carton Flowers

Spring is in the air and (hopefully) the snow is melting. This season brings more daylight, warmer weather and the promise of renewal. Easter is right around the corner and we think these egg carton tulips serve as an adorable decoration and/or gift. Plus, they’re inexpensive and really easy to make.

Let’s get started!

egg carton flowers

You’ll Need

  • (1) Egg Carton
  • (1) terracotta pot or something similar to hold/display the flowers
  • (12) popsicle sticks
  • scissors
  • paint

Here’s How

  1. Begin by putting a coat of green paint on the popsicle sticks. Allow time to dry, flip and paint other side. We did this first to give them time to dry while we were working on the following steps.egg carton flowers
  2. An adult may have to help with the next step: cutting egg carton. You’ll want to cut out each of the 12 the individual egg holders within the carton and shape them so that each “flower” has four peaks. Use the end of the scissors or sharp knife to poke a small hole in the bottom of each.egg carton flowers
  3. If your green popsicle sticks are dry, insert them into the bottom of the egg carton flower. If it’s a tight fit, you shouldn’t need any glue.egg carton flower
  4. Begin painting the flowers. By using the popsicle stick as a handle, it makes it easy to apply paint and maneuver the flower as necessary. All time for the flowers to dry.egg carton floweregg carton floweregg carton flower
  5. Decorate the pot as desired. We painted ours with red paint and applied different colored glitter to give it a pink ombre look. We tried to think Spring-y! :) egg carton flowers
  6. Gently place your flowers into the pot and arrange them however you desire. If you want more control over how they’re sitting, try putting Easter grass in the bottom (it’ll help hold the flowers in place).egg carton flowers
  7. Enjoy!egg carton flowers


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