DIY Custom LEGO Person

DIY Custom LEGO Person

About 75% of my son Ryan’s LEGOS were mine from childhood. Durability + staying power = arguably the #1 staple toy that should be in every child’s toy collection. Plus, the collections have come a long way with unique sets and building pieces.

Whether we’re building cars, houses or treasure chests its always fun to make your own guy. A head from this guy, some different pants, maybe a hat… etc. We decided to take that to the next level with the use of Sculpey Clay. By using moldable, bakeable Sculpey Clay we were able to make custom LEGO person (which makes playtime even more fun)! The great part about it is the pieces are still interchangeable and nothing is ruined!

Custom LEGO Person

You’ll Need

Here’s How

  1. To begin, grab a regular LEGO guy and pop the head off.
  2. Grab a small piece of Sculpey Clay and roll it into a ball.
  3. Push the ball onto the shoulders of the LEGO guy to make the impression needed to attach the pieces together later.
  4. Model you head however you’d like! In my opinion, toothpicks make great clay tools.
  5. Bake the heads in the oven at 275°F for 15 mins.
  6. Allow the pieces to cool and let the fun begin!


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Lego People Sculpey Clay

Custom LEGO People

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