Pittsburgh Rubber Duck Activities

Pittsburgh Rubber Duck Activities

10 Kid Friendly Ways to Celebrate Pittsburgh Rubber Duck

Rubber Ducky, you’re the one… you’ll make Pittsburgh so much fun!

We’re looking forward to the giant Rubber Duck, coming to Pittsburgh September 27th, 2013. As you’ve probably heard, the 40 foot Rubber Duck will float near Pittsburgh’s Sixth Street Bridge for a few weeks. The “bird” has been living in Hong Kong since 2007 but has also visited Sydney, Japan, France, Sao Paolo and Amsterdam.

I’m really looking forward to taking my little guy downtown to see this Giant Rubber Duck that’s causing such a stir. In fact, we’re spending some time before hand incorporating ducks into our play/learning time. I would encourage parents and educators to use this time to talk about things such as…

  • Can you locate Hong Kong on a globe?
  • Why do ducks fly South for the winter?
  • What makes ducks feathers do special? Why do they float on water?
  • Look at a duck’s feet… how do you think it helps them swim?
  • Or, for something more structured, check out this booklet from Hampton Brown Avenue called “Hello, Duck!”

Here are some other great ideas to incorporate the Giant Rubber Duck theme.

1. Read Eric Carle “10 Little Rubber Ducks”

…because who doesn’t love Eric Carle?



2. Sing “Five Little Ducks”

You might recognize this catchy little jingle from your child’s preschool classroom. It’s a great way to practice numbers and counting!

“Five little ducks went out one day…  (Hold up 5 fingers.)

…over the hill and far away. (Arm swoops in and then hand above eyes looking far)

Mama duck called, (Both hands around mouth to call)

‘quack quack quack quack’

4 little ducks came waddling back.” (hold up 4 fingers)

REPEAT for numbers 4-1 until no little ducks come back. Then…

“No little ducks went out one day… (hold up empty hands, shrug, sing sadly)

over the hill and far away

Mama duck called

‘quack quack quack quack (With sad quacks this time.)

All FIVE ducks came waddling back!” (Joyfully hold up FIVE fingers)

3. Play Memory/Matching Game

Using small rubber ducks, mark pairs of ducks with distinct marks, shapes, numbers or letters then place them all upright. Take turns matching the pairs!

Source: Kinder Learning Friends

4. Work on Adding and Subtracting

Use rubber ducks to help children visualize simple addition and math problems.

Source: Mrs. Ricca’s Kindergarten

5. Make a Duck Mask

Simple but fun duck mask made from construction paper. It would be cute to add feathers, too!

rubber duck mask

Source: Unknown

6. Sensory play in the Bath Tub / Water Table

Add a few drops of blue food coloring to water and cut a few shapes from flat colored foam sheets for fun!

rubber duck tub

7. Design a Paper Plate Duck

If you had children use small paper plates, this would be cute for a classroom bulletin board!

duck craft8. D is for Duck

rubber duck d is for duckSource: The Blessed Country Mom

9. Eat Quack-tastic Snacks!

Add a little blue food coloring to vanilla pudding and plop a little ducky on top… how cute!

rubber ducky baby shower dessertsSource: Kara’s Party Ideas

10. Make a Pittsburgh Rubber Duck Hand-print

rubber duck pittsburgh


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