Kid Closet Organization

Kid Closet Organization

If you have kids you know they come with STUFF… lots and lots of STUFF. Popping out from under beds, overflowing out of storage bins or roaring like an avalanche out of closets. Ah yes, the closet can be a scary place. Conquering closet clutter can be quite intimidating.

Kid Closet Organization Tips & Tricks

While my dream closet would have more space, it’s important to work with what you’ve got! In my son Ryan’s room he has a standard sized closet. With shelving, storage containers and movable units I feel we’ve made the most of the space. What do you think?

kid closet ideas

kids closet ideas

kids closet organization

What We Used

  1. Ikea Storage Boxes : I’m in love with these IKEA storage boxes. We have about 8 large boxes and 4 smaller boxes in the same style. We also use them downstairs to store toys and can interchange them as necessary.
  2. Collapsible Shelf  : I can’t begin to tell you how much I love these collapsible shelving units. They’re light weight but super sturdy! They’re great to stick in the bottom of a closet for putting storage bins and books but leaves enough space for bulky items to be stored beside it.
  3. Children’s Hangers : No. More. Wire. Hangers. White hangers are a MUST in our house. Call it OCD but it gives the closet an organized, finished feeling. Crazy. I know.
  4. Wire Mesh Basket  : Smaller, see through baskets are nice for miscellaneous items or smaller collections of toys that you don’t want to dedicate an entire box to, i.e. nerf guns and Super Mario memorabilia.

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