Celebrating National Stepfamily Day

Celebrating National Stepfamily Day


The Honey Maid Graham Cracker commercial has to be in the top-5 tearjerkers of all time. For anyone who is involved in a blended family, you’re familiar with the emotional roller coaster we ride everyday.

More than 40% of Americans are part of a blended family which is proof that there is no cookie-cutter family norm. National Stepfamily is September 16th and is celebrated annually.

We are a blended family. It hasn’t been an easy road to travel, but it keeps getting better every day. In the past year, Ryan has gained a step-dad, step-mom (on his father’s side) and a whole lot of love.

Some kids have a family tree, our little guy has a family orchard.

He travels with an entourage. School functions are full of Moms, Dads… sometimes even aunts, uncles and grandparents. We’re brought together by the fact that we all want what is best for him, that we’re proud of him and we love him to pieces.

At the end of the day, as long as he feels loved, I feel like we’re doing it right.

Our Kind of Perfect

Ok, well… while it’s not perfect per say (because nothing ever is), I couldn’t imagine my family any other way. We work hard everyday to be cognizant of one another.

No doubt, step-parents deserve recognition for the care and support they provide.

I know the transition from bachelorhood to fatherhood hasn’t been easy. Despite the boogers on the iPad, goldfish crackers buried in the Crate & Barrel couch and muddy footprints on the back seat of the car (for starters), Rob, my husband has welcomed Ryan into his life with a warm heart and open arms. He works hard everyday to support our family and stands beside me 100%.

From the day he got down on one knee, to our wedding day, and everyday in between, we’ve been a family unit: the first day of preschool… and Kindergarten, Christmas concerts, holidays, birthdays, even when Ryan got his first stitches.



My husband, Ryan’s stepfather, has a selfless love. He’s made a choice to love my child as his own. And he does… everyday. I love our daily routines. Hugs good-morning, “I love you times infinity” goodbyes and the nightly story time before bed. I’m so proud of our family. #ThisIsWholesome




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