50 {summer inspired} Blog Prompts

50 {summer inspired} Blog Prompts

  1. Summer Bucket List: What have you crossed off so far?

  2. Things we have left to do on our summer bucket list

  3. Things on our bucket list we would NEVER do again

  4. We went and saw ____ in the movie theater and it was…

  5. Traveling: We went to _______ on summer vacation

  6. We traveled with our children and it was…

  7. We traveled without our children and it was…

  8. If money and jobs were not an issue, we would take a dream vacation to…

  9. Did you attend any summer festivals? Where were they? How was it?

  10. The weather ruined our plans, so we…

  11. We didn’t travel this summer so we…

  12. Getting Crafty: Top 3 Favorite Summer Pins I’ve tried on Pinterest

  13. Great resources and sites I used this summer to find craft ideas

  14. Summer Pinterest FAILS

  15. Family: We saw some out of town relatives this summer and it was…

  16. How do you get your children outside and away from the video games?

  17. My child went to summer camp

  18. We have a summer birthday and celebrated by…

  19. The children were most excited this summer because…

  20. Tips on hosting playdates

  21. Summer Products: Things I couldn’t have lived without this summer

  22. Summer product reviews

  23. Our favorite sunscreen / bug repellant

  24. Mommy Time: A day in the life of…

  25. Good Summer Reads

  26. Staying home with the children this summer has been…

  27. I keep my sanity by…

  28. Summer Safety: Tips for family and children

  29. Ideas for “keep in car” travel emergency kits

  30. Great ways to stay hydrated

  31. Our favorite places to cool off

  32. Blog: Review your own blog

  33. Have you reached any blogging milestones this summer?

  34. How have you developed as a blogger in the past few months?

  35. Have you recently reached out and established any relationships with fellow bloggers?

  36. Goals to accomplish before the end of summer

  37. Fashion: Is there anything better than a summer dress?

  38. How has becoming a mother changed the way you dress in the summer?

  39. How do you dress your children in the summer to keep them cool?

  40. Kids grow out of clothes so fast! Do you store the clothes/donate/toss? What’s your system of storage like?

  41. Food: Summer drink recipes

  42. Summer food recipes for the grill

  43. Best no-bake recipes

  44. Creative picnic foods

  45. Before the end of Summer: Back to school shopping

  46. Our plans for one last summer hoo-rah! before school starts

  47. My baby is going into Kindergarten and I’m…

  48. My kids can/cannot wait to go back to school

  49. Next summer: Next summer, we’re adding ____ to the bucket list

  50. Next summer, we are/are not going by a schedule


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  1. Shana Norris July 17, 2013 at 11:43 am

    LOVE this list. So many great ideas. Thank you.

    • Sara July 17, 2013 at 11:51 am

      Thanks, Shana!

  2. Leslie July 18, 2013 at 1:52 am

    This is the second blog prompt list I’ve read today. I’ll be keeping this for a while. Thanks for the ideas!
    Leslie recently posted…{Weigh In Wednesday} Week 28My Profile

    • Sara July 18, 2013 at 2:32 am

      I hope it sparks something good! Let me know if you use one, I’d love to read! :)

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