50 Amazing Christmas Wrapping Ideas

50 Amazing Christmas Wrapping Ideas

Brown paper packages tied up with strings, these are a few of my favorite things. Indeed! :) Let me get all Martha Stewart for a minute and just say… I’ve always enjoyed the presentation of a perfectly wrapped gift. I’m not just talking about taught creases and seamless corners. Over the years, I’ve painted, glued and taped my heart out and I’m always looking for inspiration for wrapping. It certainly adds to the magic of Christmas.

christmas wrapping idea

DIY Christmas Wrapping Ideas

While I enjoy bright prints and holiday colors, I often use brown paper. You read it right… plain, boring brown paper. But then the magic happens! There are so many amazing Christmas wrapping ideas for brown paper and I’ve gathered some great inspiration to share.

Wrapping Paper Ideas: KIDS

kids christmas wrapping paper ideas


kid christmas wrapping paper

Wrapping Paper Ideas: PERSONALIZED


brown wrapping paper ideas


brown wrapping paper

Wrapping Paper Ideas: RUSTIC

rustic wrapping paper


Happy wrapping! :) brown paper


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