1st Day of Pre-K

1st Day of Pre-K

Yesterday was Ryan’s first day of pre-kindergarten and I couldn’t be more proud!

Before the First Day

My little guy, Ryan, went with me when I toured the preschool so he knew where he would be and also met his teacher. He genuinely liked the school and was really looking forward to attending. We talked nearly daily about fears, expectations and excitement. It was really the first time he’s been in the care of a “stranger” and we were both a little nervous about the first day.

Ryan had a history of separation anxiety (ha, I think I do, too). I’ve always worked in the same child care facility he attended so this new school was a first of many. I was a little apprehensive about dropping him off the first day, but I’m so proud he did so well!

One of his biggest concerns before he left was that he was going to miss his friends he hadn’t met yet. The problems of being an extreme extrovert.

The Kissing Hand

We prepared for the day by reading one of our favorite books: The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn. The story follows little Chester Raccoon as he and his mother prepare for his first day of school. Chester is a nervous so his mother explains a special secret passed down by her mother called the kissing hand. She gently kisses the center of his palm and whenever he feel lonely, Chester can press his hand to his cheek and it reminds him of how much his mother loves him.

The book is absolutely adorable and has inspired us to start our own tradition of kissing hands.

the kissing hand

Picking Up

The school told the parents to line up outside on the sidewalk and they would bring the children out to us. You could see the eager faces of parents as the door swung open to reveal a single file line of newly initiated preschoolers. One by one, they dismissed the children to their parents/grandparents. I saw Ryan towards the back of the line and I was so proud to see him standing there patiently.

As soon as he was dismissed gave him a huge hug and asked him how his day was.

He told me “they rang a bell…. umm…  I played with play dough and… met some friends…” then he ran off to the playground.

First day down, check.

When I snapped the picture of the first day I couldn’t help but think that maybe I would look back on it when he graduates high school. I certainly don’t want to rush anything, but I’m painfully aware that time flies. Thank goodness we’re enjoying every minute.

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