Halloween Party + DIY Ideas

Halloween Party + DIY Ideas

Halloween Birthday

When your birthday is actually ON Halloween, can you really have any other theme besides Halloween? This year, on Halloween, amidst costumes and candy, my little guy Ryan will be turning 6! Woah! Where does time go? While we’re busy planning this year’s big Halloween/Birthday bash, I had to take the time to post last year’s small family get-together at our house. I think it was a great blend of DIY and store bought Halloween decor.


nightmare before christmas party


halloween diy


Egg Carton Bats

Simply cut out the bottoms of egg cartons and paint them black on the inside and outside. I drew a template for the wings and traced it on black contraction paper. We used tacky glue to adhere the googly eyes and wings.


Pumpkin Window Treatment

I didn’t get to see this from the outside but I heard it looked pretty neat! I used black construction paper for the eyes, mouth and nose; green construction paper for the stem. Then, I simply used Scotch tape to put orange tissue paper over the the window. I would have liked to have done all three windows, but I ran out of time (sometimes that happens)! :)


Pumpkin Rice Krispy Treats

I used a simple Rice Crispy Treat recipe (and added orange food coloring) and rolled the treats into balls. This process was a little difficult, but the trick was to let them cool and set for a couple minutes. I also tried smushing the rice crispy treats into a muffin pan and putting two of them together and rolling them into a ball. Once the treats were set, I places a Tootsie Roll on top and drew a stem with green icing.

nightmare before christmas party

Bottle of Boos

The “Bottle of Boos” was a last second addition to the table and only took a couple minutes. I grabbed an old wine bottle, took the lable off and used acrylic paint the label on (you can use glass paint if you’re planning on keeping it).

bottle of boos

Halloween Vase

These “fill a vase” ideas are so neat for every holiday! I used a wide, tall cylindrical vase and a narrow, tall cylindrical vase- put the smaller one inside the large one. It leaves a small space to fill with whatever you want. I used a variety of Halloween candy. The center vase gets filled with water and that’s where the flowers go!


Halloween Themed Handprint/Footprint

Admittedly, I’m a little obsessed with hand/foot prints. Call me crazy, but I think they’re adorable and such a great way to capture a moment in time. They grow so fast! I made ghosts out of the footprints and a spider out of two overlapping handprints. I’m going to attach ribbon on the back so that I’m able to hang them on the wall.


Where To Find It

While I love to get crafty, sometimes I find things in the store that are just too cute to pass up! For example, last year I found black wire table accessories like a cupcake tier, chip basket, spider candle holders and more. I collected them as I found them.




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