Why Is Morning Important

Why Is Morning Important

“Every day is a good day to be alive, whether the sun’s shining or not.”

Do you work on keeping a positive attitude? When problems arise, it’s hard to keep spirits high, but there’s something wonderful in everyday and it’s up to us to find it, see it and appreciate it. We start our day right before we even get out of bed, so set off on the right foot by running through a handful of things you’re grateful. Mike Jordan, from Meddy Teddy, further explains the importance of positive thinking.

Why Is Morning Important

By Mike Jordan

The alarm goes off, its over, or is it. Every morning we get a new start, another chance to start our day however we want. It’s a very short period of time; the time from when we first open our eyes from our sleep till we are off in our day. In this time, we can either choose thoughts that feel good, that can lead to a good or great day, or we can choose thoughts that don’t feel good, and can lead to a bad morning and unhappy day.

How do we do it, how do choose thoughts that feel good even if we know we have 20 things we have to do right away. You must pop in your favorite disc into the speakers of your mind, and play the tunes that will get your head and heart feeling the beat of life. This time in the morning is so vital for your life; it’s the key to unlocking anything.

The key to making your spouse, kids, friends, coworkers, boss, employees, want your discs. They will ask you, how are you so happy, how do you get so much done, and all you will have to say, is that each morning, you pick a track from your favorite CD, and you don’t leave bed until the smile on your face lets you get out of bed. You can tell them that before, I used to get up, not pay attention to the thoughts I’m thinking, but now, I choose wisely, now I can’t stop smiling in the morning, and it lead to me smiling now talking to you.

There are some who just need to think of their kids to make them happy, that will work! Maybe all you need is to think of a beautiful memory, maybe the highlight from yesterday to remind you that this life is so worth getting up for and being happy for. Every day, I do this. I wake up, and I’m really happy, it’s habit now.



I recently went to a gathering with Abraham, they are a non physical entity channeled by Ester Hicks, I’m sure many of you might know of them through their books or audio cd’s. At the gathering, she used this term disc, and at any time, you choose what disc your on. You can be on the super highflying disc, which everyone loves, or you can be on the despair disc, and anywhere in between. It’s good to know while your out and about in the world, to step back, and realize what disc your on, and if your not on one that you would like to be, just simply get off it and get on one that feels better. This deliberate choosing is our free will, you are free to feel how you want, no external circumstance can choose for you.

Abraham said that the best ways to get off a low flying disc was to either take a nap or meditate, because both of those will quiet your mind. I got a chance to actually talk with Abraham and I had an experience that morning that added to the list of possible ways to change discs, and I believe that is through laughter. They were pretty happy with my conclusions and so was the audience.

In a moment of knowing where you are at that time, and wanting to go somewhere that feels better, consider those three options to alter yourself.

Our best we can offer the world waits for us when we feel good. Inside most of us know this, most know we choose and create our own reality. This terminology of running the right disc made it simple for us in my family, as we ask each other if one is in a bad mood, “what disc are you on”, and from that, we confront our emotion at the time, and realize where we are, and smile and laugh if its something we know is not our true nature.

Our kids are most times on a highflying disc; I think we bring them down. We tell them what to do and where to go, but they know we have to. If we can tell them from our highest place of love, being on our highest disc we can, our kids will be so much happier. They will do everything we tell them to, and everyone will be happy.

Not everyday do we have a bad day, most are good, some are amazing. We can keep them closer to amazing by waking up and being happy. Waking up and realizing were so lucky, were so blessed, and were so alive.

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