Moms Need “Me Time,” Too

Moms Need “Me Time,” Too

Evacuation Procedure

We had made our 5:15am arrival time to the airport and navigated through appropriate security screenings. There I was, on a plane, Florida bound on my way to enjoying warm weather, sunny skies, and beautiful oceans with silhouettes of palm trees in front of gorgeous sunsets. Sit back, enjoy some “me time” and leave my worries behind me, right?

Kevin! Ryan!

And then it hit me… the Kate McCallister moment (we hadn’t even made it take off yet). You know the one, when she’s on the airplane with the panic stricken face as she realizes she’s left behind Kevin. There I was, on route to paradise without my son. Before you call Child Protective Services, please note: I had not forgotten him (I had arranged it this way). Now, if you still want to call, I understand. His whereabouts were about 90 miles North with Grandma and Grandpa.


“Who Doesn’t Love a Brat With Dirty Hair?”

I could hear the small boy behind me watching Wreck it Ralph (one of my son’s favorites), talking nonsensically in his little voice, and struggling with his short tiny legs that were swinging innocently into the back of my seat… it was torture… I missed him. A lot.

Then I heard it…

“In the event that our cabin pressure should change, an oxygen mask will be released from the overhead compartment. Please place the oxygen mask on yourself first before helping small children or others who may need your assistance.”

Darn you, airline safety instructions and your universal wisdoms. You’re right! You can’t help anyone if you’re passed out from lack of oxygen. Everyone else is halfway through SkyMall, I’m having a life altering epiphany (/panic attack)… Aren’t you hearing this, people?! :) Let’s not call it selfish, let’s call it self-nurturing. Because you can’t take care of anyone else if you aren’t taking care of yourself. I do need a little me time; give me a week to myself to sort through my thought and come back re-charged.


Does Paradise Have Wifi?

He spent the week on Grandma’s farm. It’s a preschooler’s 12 acre paradise complete with a sandbox, power wheels, and toys for days. The time apart was good for us (as we spend almost every waking minute together). I needed time to clear my thoughts and he needed to run free.


While I’m not planning on any childless vacation again anytime soon, I’m trying to cut out personal time during the day to care of myself. My super long To-Do List is re-prioritized and I’m starting new projects; a multi-focused attempt at growth and development.  The plan: take up hobbies, pursue some passions, create memories for my son and provide some great learning opportunities, all while balancing elements of a happy home. Like with practicing any stunt, I will surely fall flat on my face a few times (you’re always invited watch). My starting points? Time management and defining my goals.


When you manage to carve out time for yourself? What do you enjoy doing?


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