Make Your Own Slushy Magic

Make Your Own Slushy Magic

Slushy Tradition

We’ve started a (once a week) tradition by taking an afternoon walk to the Sonic up the road. I love the milkshakes. Ryan, however, is a die hard slushie fan. A “slishy-slosh,” as he calls them, is him end-all, be-all FAVORITE dessert. I often kid that we should have our own ICEE machine in our kitchen… now we do! kinda :)

The Best Things In Life Are Free (or close to it)

Have you ever seen the commercial for “Slushy Magic”? I went back and forth on purchasing it… but for $15? … would it end up being one of those silly gimmicks that ends up taking up space in the back of the cupboard?

Well, good news slushy fans! :) Jill Cataldo’s site  has a tutorial on how to MAKE your own Slushy Magic. I absolutely had to try!   This, “Make Your Own Slushy Magic,” was appealing… I had all the materials, what’s to lose? Glad to report, it worked like a gem!

Make Your Own Slushy Magic


  • icee

    ziploc sandwich bags

  • 1 teaspoon table salt

  • ½ cup water

  • cup/jar with a lid

  • 6 – 8 oz of beverage (with sugar in it… diet or sugar-free beverages won’t crystallize)


1. In the ziploc bag, pour ½ cup water and add the 1 teaspoon of salt

** Be exact when measuring: Salt lowers the freezing temperature of the water. Too much salt will make the solution unable to freeze to a solid in your freezer

2. Freeze the bag for 12-24 hours until solid




3. Once the bag is frozen solid, place it in the cup/jar with a lid and add the liquid. Pour in the liquid but leave room at the top to allow the liquid to move around freely while shaking

4. Now the fun part, SHAKE IT!!!

5. It should be slushified in about 2-3 minutes

6. Enjoy! We poured our slushy into a frosted glassICEE

We used Gatorade (not G2 – it’s sugar free). Great way to stay cool and hydrated on a hot summer day!

Other things we’re planning on trying:  grape juice, soda, chocolate milk, orange juice

I’d love to hear what you tried! :)

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