The New Addition To Our (blogging) Family

The New Addition To Our (blogging) Family

It’s been about 10 months since I began blogging on Curious Little Kid. I’ve been knee deep meandering through editorial calendars and guest posting but recently took a moment to look up and see where I was at…

I was a little lost and having a bit of blogging identity crisis.

I must confess… you see, my intention for this blog was not initially meant to be a “Pittsburgh” themed blog. Sure, I wanted to throw in a few black and gold crafts now and then, but I wanted it to whisper “Pittsburgh”, not shout it from Mt. Washington.

Nonetheless, I think experiencing Pittsburgh has been a large part of our lives and certainly deserves it’s turn in the spotlight. For that reason…

With the help of my amazing husband… I’M LAUNCHING A NEW SITE!

“Why TWO blogs?!” you may be asking. Well, we just have so many amazing topics to cover and subjects to write about that I think spliting into two blogs will enable me to write more effectively without holding anything back.

Which statement best describes you?

    • A. I live in Pittsburgh and want more… well, Pittsburgh
    • B. I DON’T live in Pittsburgh and want more kid friendly activities
    • C. I live in Pittsburgh and want to be included in ALL the fun!

If you Answered A


Hello, Neighbor! As a enthusiastic Pittsburgh residents,  I’m sure you’re always looking for fun/inexpensive/family-friendly happening around the ‘Burgh, right? You’re in luck! I’m launching our blog PLAY PITTSBURGH that revolves around family-friendly events/activities and places. If you’re a fan of the “2o Things to do in Pittsburgh Under $20” or our monthly post “Things to do in Pittsburgh in (insert month)…” then you’ll love our new site that highlights some of the following:

      • Inside scoops and reviews on local museums, performances, play spaces, and more
      • Resource guides for families looking for more information about local topics
      • Planning a weekend getaway with the family? Find travel information for planning trips to nearby destinations such as Erie, Conneaut Lake and Baltimore


If you Answered B

You’ll love the new CURIOUS LITTLE KID!

Big things are happening in April! You won’t want to miss anything on Curious Little Kid.

When I set out on this blogging journey, I intended this blog to be resource for parents and teachers to come and check out our science/art/lifestyle activities. I apologize if you’re not a Pittsburgh resident but have stuck with us through all the Pittsburgh themed posts… that won’t be happening here anymore. What does this mean for Curious Little Kid? It means I finally get to turn the volume to 11 and up the ante! Look out because I have big plans to share some crazy fun activities the kids are sure to enjoy. If you have little ones at home, I invite you to follow along as we cover topics such as…

      • Kid friendly science
      • Art that will knock your socks off
      • “Curious Kid in the Kitchen” family recipe series
      • Newly formatted email for subscribers
      • AWESOME giveaways you won’t want to miss

If you Answered C


If you’re interested in everything above, you’ll want to follow both blogs. All the above!

NOTE: I will continue to publish Pittsburgh themed posts on Curious Little Kid through the end of March. After that, all Pittsburgh themed content will be published on Play Pittsburgh.

While I still haven’t mastered WordPress or SEO and haven’t tried my hand at podcasts or vlogging, I enjoy the opportunities that help me to continue to learn. I sincerely appreciate all the support you’ve given and can’t wait to have you along on our journey(ies). In the meantime, I invite you to follow both sites through social media.

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