Movie Review: The LEGO Movie

Movie Review: The LEGO Movie

The story follows a seemingly average LEGO man, Emmett, as he’s thrust into the limelight as “The Special.” He must learn to break from conformity and trust in himself to save the fate of his LEGO homeland. With A-List celebrities such as Morgan Freeman, Will Ferrell and Chris Pratt voicing the main characters (and their wise cracking jokes) it’s definitely something the adults can enjoy, too.

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Mom Says… 

I haven’t loved Will Ferrell this much in a movie since Elf.

There was a little kid inside me screaming, laughing and running up and down the aisles. Honestly, I may have to go back and see this movie a second time for an adult viewing. It. Was. That. Good. I’ve seen a lot of LEGO movies with my son, Ryan, before and this was a completely new experience.

This particular movie is not like the LEGO Ninjago/Batman/Avenger you’d typically find on Netflix. Rather, it’s a family comedy with fast flying silly jokes and imaginative, amazing visual appeal.

Bottomline, I love the message of this movie. While there are times when it’s important to work with others as a team and follow directions, it’s also important to let go, break from conformity and share your individual gifts with the world. We’re also reminded the minds of children are absolutely amazing and bursting with creativity – don’t stifle it!


Kid Says…

“It was so…. I’M SO PUMPED RIGHT NOW!!! YESSSS! Batman was AWESOME!” – Ryan

 Everything is awesome.


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