Macy’s Flower Show: The Secret Garden

Macy’s Flower Show: The Secret Garden

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Macy’s Flower Show

Spring is in the air! I think we’re a little anxious for warm weather and sunshine. What better way to welcome it in than with Macy’s annual Flower Show. Macy’s is known for such amazing annual events such as their Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, 4th of July Fireworks, fashion shows, culinary events, celebrity appearances… and of course, their Macy’s annual Flower Show!

Stop by and smell the roses! Macy’s theme for their Flower Show this year is “The Secret Garden” and events are happening throughout the country. Check their website for dates and times.

The Secret Garden : Pittsburgh

In downtown Pittsburgh, Macy’s recently celebrated The Secret Garden events on Thursday, March 20th. Bill Chisnell, from Bill Chisnell productions (a premier floral designer and stylist in the Pittsburgh area) gave tips and tricks on designing your own floral arrangements. There was also a guest appearance from local celebrity, Lisa Kings (from the show Farm Kings) who talked about how to “green” your office space. Following the appearances was a Tea Garden Fashion Party that highlighted spring fashions and was accompanied by live music from a local DJ.

Visiting with Children

Fresh, beautiful flowers can inspire anyone to want to learn more about gardening… especially children. Growing our own seeds was certainly a great, up-close look into plant life! There are several learning experiences parents and caregivers can point out while walking through Macy’s Secret Garden (or any garden)! Try using some of these talking points to explore plant based subjects:

  • What do flowers need to grow?

  • Why are bees important?

  • What are roots and what do they do?

  • Name the different parts of a plant.

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