Funny Kids: Keep Calm and Let Them Be Little

Funny Kids: Keep Calm and Let Them Be Little

“Grow up and start acting like a 4 year old!” I laughed as soon as I heard the words come out of my mouth. He’s four! Discipline has its place, but don’t forget to keep calm and let them be little. Childhood is one big fleeting moment and I’m not wishing it away from him too soon. While there are days he makes me want to pull my hair out, I think he’s doing a darn good job at being a wonderful little person… and I’m taking notes.

            I wish I could say what’s on my mind without a filter

            I wish I could let my body move without caring if anyone is watching

            I wish I could explore without worrying what’s lurking ahead

            I wish I could talk to strangers without fear of judgment

            I wish I had the vivid imagination to escape into somewhere amazing at the drop of a hat

            I wish I could lose it every once in a while… like meltdown, full-blown-temper-tantrum, cry-until-my-eyes-hurt-and-my-throat-burns… and then be completely unapologetic afterwards

            I wish I could crack myself and not stop to see if anyone else is laughing, too

            I wish I could find more joy in the little things of everyday life (like sticking my hand out the window on trip down the highway)


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super mario

100 years

5 pens

throw up

tell abe


oh mommy


What qualities do you admire in your children?


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