Curious Little Kid goes to Kennywood Amusement Park

Curious Little Kid goes to Kennywood Amusement Park


First Visit to Kennywood

Last week, we took my son on his first trip to Kennywood and it was a huge success. Having only been to Kennywood a couple times myself, it was neat to experience the Kiddieland side of it. I spent most of the day smiling so much my cheeks hurt and laughing until my eyes watered. Everyone needed to take a long afternoon nap afterwards, so you know we all had an amazing time!

About Kennywood

When I moved to Pittsburgh several years ago, I was bombarded with a bucket list of things people told me I needed to try. Among those at the top of the list was Kennywood amusement park. Located in West Mifflin, the park opened in 1898 (it is one of only two amusement parks listed in the National Register of Historic Places).

Great features and attractions at Kennywood Park:

  • Rides & Roller Coasters: Home to 6 different Roller coasters, 3 water rides, 9 thrill rides, 3 dark rides, 10 classic rides and 14 Kiddieland rides; there’s something for everyone!

  • Kiddieland: With 14 rides for children under 46,” a sandy play area and games just for kids, Kiddieland is every child’s (and parents) dream come true.

  • Nationality Days: There are several days throughout the year that spotlight the different nationalities and cultures that make up Pittsburgh.

  • Entertainment: Includes live acts, costume characters, side shows, magicians and parades

  • Phantom Fright Night: Celebrating the spirit of the season, the park transforms into a Halloween extravaganza.

Tips on Visiting with Children

When we took my 4 year-old-son, we had two important rules:

  • #1. STAY. WITH. US. Expect complete sensory overload. If there’s something you’d like to see, we’ll go there together. Never go anywhere without an adult with you.

  • #2. Have fun. If you’re crying, pouting or tantruming, we’re leaving. So smile! If you’re getting hungry, hot, tired, etc. tell us and we’ll do what we can to fix it. If there’s something you want to ride, tell us so we don’t miss it (but understand that other people are there to enjoy the rides as well).

 If you’re bringing small children with you I suggest getting there early; on most days the gates opens at 10:30 am. Take advantage of the free parking, get ahead of the lines and get out before the sun gets too hot.

You can bring your own strollers but there are wagons there for those that would like to rent them.  They also allow outside coolers, snacks and drinks so you might want to pack something for the kiddies (and yourself).

Wondering what rides your child will be able to ride? Here’s a list of rides available according to height restrictions.

Save yourself some money!

General admission tickets are $39.99. While that’s not too pricey compared to other parks, all the additional costs (food, drinks, parking, games, etc) can add up. Here’s some ideas to help save you some money. More money for Potato Patch fries? ;)

  • Save $11 a ticket: If you buy tickets from Giant Eagle before August 4th, you can get them for $11.00 ticket price (I believe it’s weekdays only). Check their website for other sales and promotions, sometimes they offer BOGO deals.

  • Save $10 a meal: Obviously convenience doesn’t come cheap. We paid about $10 for chicken fingers, fries and a drink. If you’re able to, pack a few sandwiches, chips and drinks and enjoy lunch at one of the picnic pavilions. It’ll save you a lot if you’re traveling with a group.

  • Save $6 on parking: Park in the free parking lot. You’ll have to walk a little further, but guess what, it’s a theme park, you better expect to be walking all day!

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